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Ethereal Events That Flow Without a Hitch.

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Welcome to Bluekate, the heart of DIY celebrations! We're here to help you add a personal touch to your parties with our user-friendly supplies. As passionate party crafters, we understand the thrill of décor and aim to make the journey easier and more enjoyable for you. Your stories inspire us to innovate and craft better experiences for you. So, let's create memorable parties together. Here's to more beautiful moments! 

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From our customer
From our customer
I highly recommend this product! This tutu skirt took the party decor up a few notches. It's so beautiful! I threw a mermaid/under the sea party for my 4-year-old daughter, and the tutu skirt completed it perfectly! My older daughter wants a unicorn party, so I can’t wait to use it again in a couple of months! It was so simple to set up. The adhesives are easy to put on and remove if you need to adjust the placement. I was able to use just 5 of the strips. I bought the 6-ft skirt and it was all I needed to cover just the front of my folding table. The bag is a nice bonus for storing it away as well.
— Victor Garcia
From our customer
We purchased a loft bed for our daughter but she wanted a little hangout underneath the bed. This was the perfect way to make her a little getaway. The adhesive strips went under the bed and we attached the table skirt around the side to the front. It was the perfect length to stop at the stairs so she had little "windows" and avoids tripping when climbing up the stairs. We added lights under the bed and it sure enough is a cute little oasis for any little girl. I wish I had her bedroom at the age of 5. This would be beautiful on a table as well. High quality for the price and definitely endless possibilities.
— Jab
From our customer
This product worked out great! I ordered the table skirt for a drive by baby shower. I liked the pieces of velcro tape, they were really easy to use. I had to add a few more pieces to keep the skirt on because it was pretty windy but there was plenty in the package and I ended up with plenty left over for future use.
— Martinez Fam
From our customer
This is a gorgeous rainbow tutu table skirt! Bought it for my nephew’s birthday party, really loved the color and quality of curl satin and organza layers. Highly recommend for anyone looking for unicorn party decorations.
— Sun
From our customer
This is a good quality flowy piece of fabric. It was perfect to use as a runner on an 18 ft table with extra to spare. It's easy to cut to the length you need. It made a big difference on our bridal shower table. Thanks for the great product!!
— Jestforefun
From our customer
The material is gorgeous and love that it is a seamed edge. I loved everything about these drapes! I used them for my wedding and they were perfect for the look I was going for!
— Jamie L Corwin
From our customer
So pretty & it’s reusable. Will definitely be using this for more kids parties. I highly recommend. It only covered the front & part of the sides of my table so take that into consideration before ordering or deciding how you will be using it. We used a standard size table.
— Chad and Melissa
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Champagne Gold Tutu Table Skirt

Whether you're hosting a birthday party, baby shower, or wedding reception, our Tutu Table Skirts are sure to impress. They are easy to install and can be customized to fit your specific needs and style preferences. Plus, they make for stunning photo backdrops that will make your event truly memorable.

Luxury Chiffon

Your Perfect Table Runners

Create an Elegant and Versatile Event with Chiffon Fabric

Our Modern Fabric Collection

10 Yard Chiffon Fabric

Bluekate chiffon net fabric packs are ethereal and sheer (…but not too sheer) with finished edges and continuous seamless length. Now you can drape your way to another successfully decorated event! And with serged edges you won’t be dealing with hundreds of loose strands when guests arrive.

10FT Chiffon Table Runner

If you're looking for gauze table runner sheers that create dreamy swags, cascading pools and flowing draping, you're going to need long sheer table runner lengths. This pack of table runners comes with 12 pieces, each one 10ft (120 inches) long and 27 inches wide for the most visionary displays.

Cheesecloth Table Runner

Cheesecloth table runners are a popular choice for rustic and bohemian-themed events, as well as outdoor weddings and parties. They are perfect for adding texture and a touch of natural beauty to your event decor. Our cheesecloth table runners are available in a range of colors and sizes to suit your needs.

Elegant Velvet Fabric Table Runner

Add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your dining experience with our exquisite Velvet Fabric Table Runner. This premium table runner is perfect for elevating any tablescape, whether it's for a special occasion, holiday gathering, or everyday dining.

Enchanting Velvet Arch Drapes

Transform your event space with the captivating beauty of our Velvet Arch Drapes. These luxurious drapes are perfect for creating an elegant and unforgettable atmosphere at weddings, receptions, parties, and other special occasions.

Ethereal Chiffon Arch Drapes

Enhance your event space with the romantic and enchanting allure of our Chiffon Arch Drapes. These lightweight, sheer drapes are perfect for adding a dreamy and elegant atmosphere to weddings, receptions, parties, and other special occasions.