Much like how the entrance of a home sets its tone, invitations lay the groundwork for any gathering. And in the heart of every memorable gathering lies the beauty of connection, which an RSVP helps facilitate. Here’s our take on making those invitations as special as they can be.

Dos of Creating Invitations with RSVPs

  1. Warm & Welcoming Design: Your invitation, much like a cozy living room, should feel warm and welcoming. Ensure it carries all the key details - the when, where, and what.
  2. Timely Touch: Always give your guests a clear deadline to respond. It sets a respectful expectation.
  3. Options as Diverse as Textures: From mail-in to email responses, give your guests a variety to choose from.
  4. Heartfelt Personalization: Addressing your guests by their full names isn’t just formal, it’s personal. It’s like handpicking decor for a specific spot in a room.
  5. Clarity on Companions: If you're opening your doors to additional guests or plus-ones, make it known clearly. It's all about setting the right expectations.


Creating an invitation with an RSVP is like designing a space. It's about warmth, thought, and charm. As you craft yours, think of it as setting the scene for memories to unfold. Here’s to gatherings that resonate with heartfelt connections!

August 22, 2023 — Emma Shone

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